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Công ty 100% vốn nước ngoài
Viễn Thông
100 -> 499 Người.
Trung Yen (văn phòng đại diện) - Cau Giay - Hà Nội.
Việt Nam
tuyển dụng việc làm trong lĩnh vực Viễn Thông
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Convergys Corporation (NYSE: CVG) is a global leader in relationship management. We provide solutions that drive more value from the relationships our clients have with their customers. Convergys turns these everyday interactions into a source of profit and strategic advantage for our clients.

For more than 30 years, our unique combination of domain expertise, operational excellence, and innovative technologies has delivered process improvement and actionable business insight to marquee clients all over the world.

Convergys has approximately 70,000 employees in 67 customer contact centers and other facilities in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, and our global headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio

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